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Amy Page

Amy moved out near Labor Day 2000. She had an artist's lifestyle to persue - living and collaborating in lively circumstances, with a space big enough to hold her ideas. And no domestic partner to provide both a penis and suggestions.

the bend

Many tools, much paint - all mischief.

Amy and Jay
Amy and Jay on the fridge

drum kit
Amy's personal space


Construction Nexus:
A sliding door frame runs into a shelf for wood.

drum kit
Arwa's drum kit covered for construction.

A view from one of the windows

She ended up at an Oakland warehouse with Joanne and Jay. 2500 square feet with tall ceilings. The space was wide open, and theirs to cut up. It was perched above the 580 freeway, near downtown Oakland with a broad automotive vista.

Amy had always said she wanted to learn construction; she hired a young pierced friendly freelance contractor Greg who showed her some skills. She proceeded to put up walls and rolling sliding doors and shelves and closets with her homies.

I spent some time there, mostly playing Euchre, but indoor cigarette smoking slays me. After months of living within many of my preferences, Amy was free to indulge and smoking was a part of the fun at The Bend.

After a few months, and the initial construction was completed, you could see art beginning to take place on the walls - layers of wax and paint, puffed cotton making texture and transforming a warehouse into more of a feeling. Arwa bought a drum kit and left it there for practice.

Amy adopted Fernando and built him a little cat closet near the bathroom.

The Bend feels as though it is continually changing, under construction. My house is cluttered, but this place seems to be phyiscally evolving before my eyes. Of course I only see it occasionally.

The smoking seems to have passed after the first few months, and Joanne left to move to LA for the summer of 2001.