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Farmer Joe's Market

Farmer Joe's is a delicious cheap multicultural family shopping experience.

Healthy and alternative and organic food options for everything. They offer a very wide range of spices for Mexican foods, and sauces for Asian cooking.

Their prices are consistently lower or competative with Safeway and Rainbow Grocery, and it's just more fun to shop there! It's like family, in part because the shop is small, in part because the same people work there and you can recognize them industriously improving your shopping experience. Shopping at a place like this means the people recognize you, offer to order stuff for you, elecit feedback and share stories.

The only thing they don't sell is alcohol which is sometimes too bad, but I don't know that the same charm of shopping there would remain if they expanded to provide that stuff.

They do choose the "smooth jazz" station for their muzak - I've offered to DJ for them but they didn't take me up on it yet.

Farmer Joes Produce & Market Place
3501 Macarthur Boulevard, Oakland, CA 94619
(510) 482-8178

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