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attitude plus drugz equals bleuh ?


Social lubricant
it's easier to be happy at a party
I don't think twice about people
I just think they're nice,
or dumb

I don't like talking to drunk people
they either think I'm nice
or I'm dumb.

its easy to gather folks around drink
but the time is thus shortened
it's hard to stay awake
when you've been tipsy
all that fun so fast
go to sleep it off

older people
experienced drinkers
it takes a lot for them to get tanked
they talk real loud at you
their breath smells
they have bags under their eyes
you feel sorry for them

my days are already so short
seeceeding control

man, I got so drunk last night I couldn't

besides, all the wastage
grain to make alcohol
could feel animals, people

think of how much you're supposed to want it
if alcohol is so great,
why do they have to sell it to us so hard?

maybe it's cuz my dad drank

if you are going to drink,
it counteracts the poison.

i got a mean sangria recipe, mojitos, and some thoughts on beer, mostly brands/types.

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