"Answering Service for the Secret Service"
This was probably the raciest of a dozen Craigslist personal ads I replied to when I first was first testing these waters. There's a lot of freedom in this business - email doesn't seem like much of a commitment. Though this post seemed like a troll for oversexed dudes, I thought I would throw my humble hat in the ring.

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First Come first serve

Reply to: anon-520017@craigslist.org
Date: Wed Nov 22nd
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Lets see, for starters Im a 29 strawberry blonde, nice athletic figure, smart
and intelligent(MBA from NYU) I am very secure with my life, career and
friends but just havent found the special someone to make me laugh or scream
out your name(if your not picking up on my hints forget about replying)

Im not necessary looking for relationship, but if it happens why not. Im
looking for fun, excitement and passion...lots of passion, hot love making
session type(horny freaks need not to apply)I'll make this short and sweet,
If your interested please reply with full length picture(get my drift,if not
your total lost)no exception unless you happen to be couple, then please
do submit intimated photo of both together not individual photo.

I will reply with my full length photo in return to all interested parties.
3-some only for couples not two guys. And for those who dont have a picture
please do submit an erotic story for consideration. For faster reply you can
contact me directly at [email address] otherwise take a number and wait!

it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

this is in or around SF

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In a night when I replied to many posts, I concocted this quick reply. I didn't have too many expectations, and I figured sending a link to some art nudes would either scare away a straight girl or attract something neatly weird. Uh, yeah.

Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 00:27:26 -0800 (PST)
From: Justin Hall
To: anon-520017@craigslist.org
Subject: length

this weekend my friend took a nice photo with me in it - i'm the guy on the left. see what you think.

I'm looking to meet someone new and lively. you sound like you're in control, that's admirable.


as for full length -
and if you want to cut straight to the chase, here's some artistic photos another friend took. warning, i'm nekkid. this is years ago tho - like 5 or 6, i've cut my hair since then.


Hah! Personals are strange.


The reply came quick, hot and heavy.

Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 10:13:08 -0000
From: Juliana Stowe
To: justin@bud.com
Subject: Re: length

Call me at 415-744-9026, Im waiting to speak to you.


It was a little off-putting to be frank, I wasn't going to call. But I was home for the holidays, and my family, Lori in particular, they kept asking me what was happening with the online personals. I mentioned that one woman had sent me her phone number, and it seemed a little sudden. Thinking through it, I figured I didn't have much to lose (besides psychic energy), and besides, if I was going to take part in online personals ads, I should follow the leads I get.

I call. Background noise - people? media?
A middle aged woman - "this is the answering service for the secret service."
"Aahh, well, Ah, I guess I'm a candidate."
"Oh yeah? Who are you trying to reach?"
Oh, Juliana. Would you like to leave a message?"
"What was her last name?"
Okay, what's your name?"
"And my number is...
(Fiercely debating which number to give to this extremely sketchy woman
Not mobile, cuz that's a hassle. Not work because that's work. Home, I guess - I never check messages there anyhow.)
"Okay. Bye."

I think I forgot to give my area code out. It was just as well - I was shook up by this weirdness after I got off the phone.

I never heard back from anyone involved. I sent a confirmation email, and I never received any reply. Unless spam like "Me and My HOTTT Friends Want to Get WETTT with You!" counts as personal correspondence from Juliana.

How curious!

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