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Uncle Jim

My mother's brother

Uncle Jim and Aunt Lori My Uncle Jim is a funny guy.

Winter of 2000, I asked him what health risks I had to be aware of in our family. He replied, "Living so long that you outlive your friends."

He often gives funny presents. Once, he gave me a trantula encased in glass, as a paperweight. One Christmas, he gave me a travel alarm clock with a picture of him and his wife, and it wakes me up to their voices!

We took a trip to Russia once in 1987: he did funny stuff there too.

One time he told me I could stay up all night playing on his computer. I'd just discovered Deja Vu, point and click detective amnesia adventure in mobland chicago on a black and white mac. I was hooked until 6.30am when Jim, "I came out, and the kid is still playing this f----n' game."

Jim and his wife Lori call looking for me (256k aiff)

When Lori and Jim first married we argued a lot. I decided she had a Nebraska capitalist conservative perspective. The Internet was a hot topic between us. She was my second relative with e-mail. She had it because she worked for Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph, the primary phone service provider for the capital of Nebraska. She was up on the cutting edge of communication technology, so I argued techno-economic policy with her. She said she thought I would make a good capitalist. She took to asking me about my plans for web compensation.

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