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Mark Taylor

Williams College, department of religion.

smile!  sing!

I heard his name from several sources.

April recommended his book Imogologies, "media philosophy," which I bought and promptly loaned out before I could digest it.

Ken suggested I contact him about my special major.

I met someone from Willaims, when I inquired about Mark, they said I was reminiscent of his protege, Chris Tweney.

They also said Mark was an unorthodox prof, he took a class on a fieldtrip to Las Vegas.
I contacted Chris lead me to Mark's server with a rhibozomal theory of information, proposing an interstanding of the internet.

Rhizomic Folds of Interstanding, using Post/Modernism, Hegel, bitchin' etymology and biology to arrive at an interstanding of internetical anti-structures. You might need a dictionary, and the Hegel or PoMo stuff might snow you, but keep going; he eventually pulls his thumb out of his academic butt and gets a little idealistic.

is it connections? revelations? appropriations?

he explained stuff, and drew together diverse themes. Sometimes he gets a little high falutin', a little carried way with his semiotic language.

I saw him in action when he came to Swat on April 2, 1996,


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