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links.net : vita : swat : 2 march, 1996
broken up over financial aid
still swarthmore "need-blind"
merit takes total preference
but now higher loads
more work and loans required of poor students

we did a silent sit in
board of managers meeting
during break they tripped over
50 plus tight lipped youth
waiting since 9.40am on a saturday morning

the president came out
ever the nice guy

so fast fast talkin'!
invited us to move to greater speaking ease
more convenience

we moved to move

before the vocal had a chance to suggest staying
encounter our presence as discomfort.

the president Al explained it in pragmatic terms

still beats nine of ten white bread liberal arts schools!
got to keep up with rising costs
we know you want a quality institution
acceptable to a largely rational gathering.

toward the end students demanding intangible pledges
president making his way toward the door
I played a pragmatic part
urging presidential consultation dates
not just "firm committments to student involvement in the process."

monday, 8.30pm, Parrish Parlours

but prophetic would have been
to observe the snow job
not confrontational
straightforward to ask confirmation from assembled
that we thought the process flawed
and though you are "near the end of it",
we'd like for you to reconsider
the financial aid decision
with our input now
and, yes, thanks, later too.

if there are mitigtating circumstances
inform us and trust our decision

but hear us out
as we agree to hear you too
we are here to participate
not just listen.

but I did not
I let gentle motion conciliation rule the day
now I see the potential
my injectial
chaos energy
student sense of power
strident questioning
upsetting social order
dividing the crowd
like the walk-out

carousing, yonnie writes in my book
50% prophet + 50% profit = humanity
how much to let get done
at what cost of self-sense?
taking some stand
electrifies community
potentates polarizin'
makes life worth

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