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i met april because she lived on my hall freshman year. she was from san francisco, more multiculturated than our beer drinking pot smoking and otherwise mostly whitebread hall. at least that's how i explain it - she didn't exactly fit in or get along. she moved off the hall eventually, into a room of her own. it was here that i got to know her better, i think, once she had her own space, filled to the brim with old issues of the new yorker she is going to read someday.

april is well read and easily bored. i think. maybe it was just her reaction to me. i can get going on a point, and she's already picked up something off my bookshelf to marvel at. she marvels at things in my room well, doesn't always follow conversation. something about me talking, what i say, seems to get to her sometimes. we have a tough relationship. we appreciate each other it seems, but somehow my sense of entitlement, my priviledged background silences her (not that i always know that), but for some reason she keeps in touch with me. i guess sometimes i'm witty, or shocking enough to keep her interested. she is nicely repelled and excited by my mind - sometimes it makes my skin crawl. i must say she lets me in on some weird worlds - nine inch nails, or bakelite.

she gave me this picture to use here because she hated the one I had before. She looks cute here, who am I to argue?

i believe she hopes to be a museum curator someday. i think that would be wonderful. she has a great sense of objects. she has sent me some most marvellously detailed envelopes.

april has an amazing ability to shift aesthetics daily. through small accessory gestures, she can go from a j crewed preppy housewife to a going grunge grrrl.

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