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fall of '93

When I first arrived, I was still going out with Grace.

I moved on to Willets first South, which had a legacy of being a most raucus hall. Some folks thought we wouldn't live up to that reputation, but talking to folks who visited us that year, we seeem to have earned our place as a locale of craziness.

Crazy Jerry Much of that was due to crazyman Jerry Karnas. When I came to Swat, I decided to leave my sinnin' ways at home, to give a normal social life a change at Swarthmore. Fate decreed otherwise, I moved in next door to Jerry - the peak of rambunctous energy.
Some Dead, good dose of down home stlye, surely messy, Jerry lived with Ron Smith, a conservative proto-rocker from the wealthy suburbs of Chicago, and Rich Delgado, the trying slickster at a place that didn't care much for ooze.

Rich was constantly escorting Bryn Mawr chicks through the late night room where Jerry and I and random other Willities were drinkin' and playin' cards and carryin' on.

Ron was paranoid about his instruments, and loved to rag on Jerry and his wicked ways, mostly after he'd been unable to resist a baccanalian binge hisself.

Toward the end of the semester, the energy coagulated, Jerry and I started hanging with Mike, the two of them formed a fraternity and pledged me as their first member.

My roommate was New Jerseyan Dan Lurie.

Nearby Raina and April.

I saw speak Oliver North and Phyllis Schlafly.


English 10: Ways of Seeing
Abbe Blum
My introduction to critical theory and literature here at Swarthmore. I was grateful that the thurst of the course was on texts alternative - many minorities and Philip K. Dick.
9.21.93: reaction revealed personal affront told with reversed genders.
Art and Science of Structures
Faruq M. A. Siddiqui
I was astounded to take an engineering course and like it. Hailing from Chicago, I felt attached to architecture. This class gave me the vocabulary to analyse bridges and buildings - so rich a part of the urban landscape.
Aurora Camacho de Schmidt
Problems of Religious Thought
Mark Wallace
12.17.95: Ruether and Nietzsche: Sittin' Under a Tree. or Darla and Bob Define a New Morality - to contrast these two philosophers, I used two colleges students in dialogue.

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