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becky wired Becky Bush

Becky might just be the most wired person I know.

She can't do much more than make a basic web site but man does she move and talk and just act crazy!

for example, "act crazy":

she got really into Dave Matthews. He like changed her life. He came to play a concert at Swarthmore. In an auditorium of seated silent squares, she ascended the stage and did a sexy-ass dance for the dude. He gave her a kiss. She wrote about it on her web site.

I was glad to meet her when I did - I had just broken up with Chandra, and her father had recently died. I think we helped each other out.

She enjoyed hearing about my projects and schemes, something I appreciated after Chandra's detachment. My father died when I was young, so my wrestling with masculinity, fatherhood and loss were helpful to her maybe.

She likes when I'm crazy, she likes when I'm inspired, and inspirational; but my detachment bothers her.

I guess we were sort of hanging out together for a while, but I wasn't enough man for her; my scrawny ass couldn't keep up. She's got manhood on the brain, she's certainly more masculine than most of us panzy Swarthmore guys.

She's got strong feelings - she either loves it or she fuckin' hates it. Both jerky and energizing for me - I can't imagine how it is for her.

Sometimes she acts like a little girl - goofy and coy (78k .aiff).

Othertimes she enjoys being a bitch (178k .aiff). She kinda reminds me of a female Jerry - power games and machismo.

so it's kinda fittin' they're married! (summer '98 - small wedding)
j n' b
and funny they're in Doug's movie.

If she wanted intensity, I'll bet she found it! Good luck you guys, I love you.

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