chandra chandra

primrose path (4/17/94)

Your answers to
my questions
"would she to
adorn my walls
in blood

I don't know how to do anything
I feel powerless

primrose path
to self-denial

so fuckin needy

a measure of distance
between two, us
is enough
to bring my heart around

if it can't be
it should
it must
if it can
why would it?

I rush headlong again
into disaster
pulling you away
- how to love
self as framd
in dramatic madness
and excessive overatures

I can't believe how easy
to fall into step
behind you
it seems so uniquely
my "love"

but fie!
I can't but to know
from feel
I would return
to an apartment
in a second

rejoice in need
if I do
but maintain balance/perspective
this I must

you make me happy
not sad

too much wallowing

If I saved myself
for you
would you care?

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