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design of everyday things

Spring 1997 - Another class with T. Kaori Kitao. As ever, only mostly related to the subject matter but also incorporating Aristotle, Sam Malouf, semiotics and her delicious personal idiosyncracies.

designing clothes was great fun

This class was a great chance for me to remember that human creativity includes clothing and furniture, the design of everyday things. It inspired my own work and I learned again that the origin and function of things is most always convoluted.

10 February - What's My Ideal Chair?
(good assignment for a guy who spends about thirty hours a day on his ass on a machine)

7 April - A Study of the Backpack

6 May - I designed some clothes
These I still aspire to wear.

16 May - final essays
since i couldn't really update my web site so much those days, i incorporated my personal life into things like my final exam

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