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february 10, 1997
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t. kaori kitao

purple posture provision

I need a chair. A chair will firmly but gently support my rear end and back when I am bent at the hips. That part which supports me should sit high enough off of the ground that my knees are also bent but my feet touch the ground. These are the essential functions of the chair; support in a seated position, I plan to work on the computer while I use this chair so I'd like straps at about shoulder height so I can pin back my torso to keep from losing posture. Similarly, if I could have extra support from the vertical portion along my back shaped towards my spine - a bulge behind my lower back would be especially appreciated. Perhaps my butt could sit in a contoured indention, slightly enveloping from my coccyx to where my knees are bent (at the front end of the seat) to ensure equal distribution of weight. The chair should also be mobile so that I can move around as the day goes by - I don't want to crouch in a single sedentary position but rather would like to have support for a good seated posture as I move about my room. This should be a broad range of motion, vertical as well as horizontal/planer, so that I can get some manner of lower body exercise in the course of a long seated day. Also as I rest my arms or use them to lean on or reach out in front of me for tasks, it would be nice to have flexible assistance. To accompany my arms in their broad range of motion is likely a difficult mechanical feat. Perhaps if you could devise a telescoping arm rest that is always pushing up just a little bit, the weight of my arms should be enough to restrain it but the support should rise to the occasion. I know this sounds difficult or unwieldy; but I have tendonitis from typing too much and I want this chair to help my arms do as little work as possible. See what you can do.

What I need, a chair, is all about support. The right chair for me is not likely to fit someone else so well, particularly if the height of the chair seat, where I rest my rump, and the length and shape of the spinal support are custom-fitted. If, however, those elements are adjustable, you might be able to distribute this wider; but I would likely find the fit somewhat sacrificed.

Material questions, what you use to fashion the chair for rigidity and flexibility, are altogether up to you but what I sit on for a long time should have some softness to it (perhaps cloth or cushion covering the more firm structural elements). My concern here is not primarily for comfort, at least not comfort that encourages poor posture. This chair should enourage and support good body posture and comfortable seating for hours on end. It should as well be suited to reaching, without over-extending, to working with my hands in my immediate environment. And if possible, it should be purple.

thanks to becky for typing this for me, and for some extra thoughts.

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