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from a personal poetical exploration of
thich nhat hanh's 14 precepts

a personal poetical exploration of
thich nhat hanh's 14 precepts

balance harmonyfaceshot
we often aren't
except as we exist in nature
swarthmore exists in nature
tree lined
leaves swept grass green even in december
we live among the fruits of the earth
as we cultivate the fruits of the mind
if the library didn't close at midnight
some would never leave
pitched temperment of youth focus
herein concentrated study
I raise my eyes for relief
my own balanced life,
those of my peers

in study, classroom buried in books
like interbeing
is actually a life-tract
how to health
mind body soul
like the world over
each of my babies and parents
all my peers
we all need ourselves
"we all want to be beautiful too"

first: the lion's roar

second: truth is found in life

third: freedom of thought

fourth: awareness of suffering

fifth: living simply

sixth: compassion is understanding

seventh: mindful and joyful living

eighth: harmony in the community

ninth: mindful speech

tenth: standing up to injustice

eleventh: right livelihood

twelfth: protecting life

thirteenth: social justice

fourteenth: three sources of energy

All quotes, unless otherwise noted, exerpted from

Interbeing, by Thich Nhat Hanh, Parallax Press, Berekeley, 1993

The quotes without page numbers hail from the precept in question. I fooled with some of the persons of the pronouns. I recommend you get the book if you care to check, or even if you don't. It's a small book, not hard to read at all, and quite applicable.

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