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web ethics
publishing problems and prospects

interactive/non-linear narrative

exploring interactive narrative, as well as print narrative that approaches online/nonlinearity
organzing principle time or place or character or all of the above, how to design within interactive space to encourage flow versus wandering, importance of linearity of story/time


Realms - browse this one on a fast connection
Vita, Justin Hall
huhebi - the extreme
No Soup, Just Matzo Balls, Abbe Don


Slaughterhouse Five, Kurt Vonnegut
Beloved, Toni Morrison
Death of Salesman, Arthur Miller
short story: Donald Barthleme, "Oh to London and Rome"
Abbe Don adds her sense
other suggestions from Mary Dilg
and one from gabby


pulp fiction


Nonlinear Narrative Styles, by Michael St. Hippolyte


write or adapt a story for nonlinear narrative


Nick's Quad walkthru
Dominic's shadow thoughts
Julia's Life

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