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web ethics
publishing problems and prospects
I taught a web ethics course at Swarthmore in the Spring of 1996, to merge the instruction of web publishing skills with the exploration of the issues involved in online media making.


week two: surf skills
week three: individuals/institutions
week four: avatars/agents/metaphors
week five: interactive/non-linear narrative
week six: life stories
week seven: visual arts
week eight: collab classwork
week nine: envisioning education
week ten: commodifying communication
week eleven: voicelessness/colonialism
week twelve: digital democracy
week thirteen: virtual community
week fourteen: humanity

last week:

potential futures

how are scenarios being played out on the net? what is most plausible desireable?


idea futures web site
Marshall Blonsky
materials to be suggested by students


create a computopia, distopia.
What can you do with this medium?
final five
nick, dom, justin, joan, bob
the final five, may 2 '96, photo by doug block

lead by Justin Hall

at Swarthmore College


student toolbox

Timothy Burke
Joan Hoffmann
Nick Lehmann
Dominic Sagolla
Bob Yang
Retired: Balthazar Alessandri, Julia Benton, Mike Bernstein, Ethan Holland, Jason Linder, Mariah Peelle, Cooper Richey, Catherine Blanche Rose, Andrew Stillman

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