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4: Song:
Sweaty, sweaty balls and billboards
Quotes from famous men
Depth charges grease and gumballs
Iniquity and sin!
Retarded rock stars and fire balls
Blasts of atomic heat
Queer Student activism
Vox Populi at the swap meet
A grease ball flame thrower movie-goer
Rin-tin-tin addict
Equipped with a built in snow blower
And pale uncircumcised dick
A mind of quicksand and fornication
A birdbath of lovin lust
A hunk of scrap metal mania
Circuitry ridden with rust
Hal part six the comeback!
A crack-smoking white-boy Roy
Ed the freeze-dried mummy
No lactose Soy - Enjoy!
Privations and Intimations
Salad sprinkled with death
A million midnight masturbations
Tenth-century catacomb breath
He kills hecatombs with aplomb
An A-bomb with many moms
Amy RU Squires and Joan
He gloating glibly gloms
Bronner and Tom's of Maine
produce mephitic fumes for four
Melting the fucking hinges
off his goddamn door
A cornucopia of oaths
Composing entire sentences
Masterfully vexing comrades
By patronizing defunct dentrifices
A bird, chipmunk, squirrel
All whirled into one:
A Vibrator, Robot and Teen Idol
screaming he's number one
Power book totin self promotin
totem pole of glee
Mother fucker's twenty three
Hooray, huzzah, yippee.

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