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It's grim; It's scary; It's necessary.
Pure capitalism: Create a need and fill it.
Junkies the world over are downloading their lives.
Justin, I must remember that before and beyond your Honduran cognate, you are your name. Get it back in the mainframe.
Justin J. Jackass.
Harnesser of negative energy! Diviner of conflict!
You poke your quaking rod into the subterranean flow of
saturnine shit! Yeah!
You creep, by crumbling stair and crepuscular tunnel
You seek out the vast subterraneous caverns
Inching along on your barely belly through the muck and mire.
You're fucking tired but you sift through the silt for the flecks
of aureal awe
Reaching the main chamber, cramped, you set up camp, to knit and needle
And wheedle your way to the bottom of things.
The truth! A loose tooth!
Real! To find the real! You want to get to the bottom of the real
through all this greedy media and meaty mania?
You will find simply that there is a defeating syllogism at work:
Things that are real are shit.
TV/Newspapers/Commercials make shit look good so it will be believable/readable/buyable. TV/Newspapers/Commercials do not show shit to be shit, so they do not depict "real".
It's a bauble, bitch!
So how about a song. If I'm gonna give you a poem for your birthday,
part of it must be a song.

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