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inside an outdoor patio
cheap beer and country music
everybody's wearing black
I sight a KKK t-shirt
a few dixie flags
(mom said there'd be rednecks)

I remember, whip out my notepad
start writing

it's a great way to meet people

what are you writing?
asks an urban looking 37 year old leo

he does "military, security, defense stuff"
that's all he can tell me

he thinks strategically
pointing out the undercover cops
the potential belligerants
the hot chicks

he plots our trajectory -

follow that guy in the hat
cut left,
go long,
I'll meet you at the bar

we end up next to charlene

wearing pantyhose
under that leather butt thong
G stuffs at least $140 dollars in that thing
we drink jagermeister, after shock
and he buys tit served tequila shots for a cute blonde woman

packed frogs "G" is restless
we move on
this place is packed

like a mosh pit
playing the who and led zeppelin
tensions run high
people are shoving each other
guys are starting to get agitated
"fuck this"
"fuck you"
we move out of their way

G sez
watch, it's going to get rowdy
and it almost does
like he recalls
his last four years of bike week
guys lined up shouting
show us your tits!
and women would
he wants to start this up again.

but it is too damn bitter cold!

an attractive woman is so drunk

can't flirt for more than ten seconds
that and being cattle
watching people sqaure dance

we leave for the bank bar

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