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swarthmore spring break:
Visited Daytona between March 8 and 13 1996.

Mom hooked me up with George's condo just south of Daytona Beach, Florida, actually Ponce Inlet.

the first bike week nite was fuckin' crazy.

9 march, 1996
I woke up at 4.30pm, kind of one of those weird wasted day-lights.
I mentioned my trip on this web page, someone offered to put me up, show me a good time. He was a 26 year old Biz grad student at a nearby University, when I called him, he was totally cashed out, from a wild night himself the night before.

augie squeak after wrestling with my computer for a few hours, I headed back out to the strip to see what I would find.

saturday night, after all - one last bike week hurrah.

starting with eleven pm dinner - my only options were meat. I ate my first hot dog in months.

I spent most of my time at the boot hill saloon, after chatting a bit with augie and squeak. weird gender power politics.

bizarre love triangle. love try

10 march, 1996
11 march, 1996
12 march, 1996
13 march, 1996
lingering long in the apartment, the last morning doing tai chi on the beach, I notice an airplane banner advertising over the beach for a fantasy island vacation. but I thought I was already in paradise!
08 march, 1996
transit was mediocre weird
family I had homecooked dinner with my stepsister Stephanie, her son Gabriel, her friend Yolan and Yolan's son Lakon.
The women were both corporate lawyers, we spoke of structural inequality and income distribution over salmon and pasta.
Two women on vacation with their kids, a different pace. Their day was ending as mine was starting.

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