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Geneva, Switzerland
January 2003
Switzerland 2003 Geneva is where our flight left from, so we returned for one last day.

This is BMW's "Executive Scooter" - a putt-putt covered with an elaborate plastic shell.

Switzerland 2003 Jane stands before a densely patterned wraught-iron fence protecting an old fountain on the windswept riverbank.
Switzerland 2003 Another Scientific Antiques store. So many places to buy old telescopes and sextants and barometers and clocks! Definitely there were more "Scientific Antiques" stores in Switzerland than I've ever seen in Oakland.
Switzerland 2003 Swiss currency was beautiful, especially compared to the straight green of the United States Dollars, or the pale palette of Japanese Yen. Brilliant colors, works of art, large faces. About 1.3 Swiss Francs to the Dollar - similar head-math for the Yen.
Switzerland 2003 The other side of the money. I didn't have a 100 Swiss Francs bill on hand, else you could see a Giacometti sculpture on the flipside.
Switzerland 2003 Jane smiles at a skate-park in central Geneva. Several young men working to break limbs on skateboards and BMX-type bikes. Unlike central San Francisco, there were no signs posted warning "No Skateboarding."
Switzerland 2003 Two men bear a night's bitter cold to play some super-sized chess in a park in Geneva. This park had over a half-dozen chess boards painted on the pavement with nearby thigh-high hollow-plastic chess figures and checker pieces.
Switzerland 2003 Jane crouches near the pieces of a game we didn't know about, trying to stay warm.
Switzerland 2003 Jane and I sit amongst the giant plastic chess pieces.
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