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Thun, Switzerland
January 2003
Switzerland 2003 Asleep on the train from Gstaad to Thun. My head rests on a multicolored scarf that Jane knitted for me.

My ski instructor Gabby had suggested Thun would make a lovely one day trip - mangeable medieval strolling.

Switzerland 2003 Tiled open-faced sandwiches in a Thun shop window.
Switzerland 2003 A large dolphin adorns this recycling box for milk jugs, plastic bottles, and batteries.
Switzerland 2003 In the Migros, a popular mega-mart chain, a gently sloped escalator promises a rise and fall for people and shopping carts alike.
Switzerland 2003 In the Frozen Fondue section of the supermarket, Jane points, wondering with me, "What is Fondue Chinoise?" - much like Japanese shabu-shabu as it turns out - waving raw beef through steaming soup mixture with vegetables.
Switzerland 2003 Impartial conduct during some European wars has left much of Switzerland intact: medieval buildings unscarred by mortar fire. Here is ye olde looking streete in Thun; like many of the larger towns we visited it had a core "Old City" full of old buildings in its center.
Switzerland 2003 Uneven rooftops of Thun, just below the castle on the fortified hill.
Switzerland 2003 Next to a traditionally psychedlic red and black painted door, someone spraypainted "Just Want the $!"

This was near the top of the fortified hill of Thun, where the current-day castle embattlements make a great place for Thun's teenagers to smoke hash and look out over the city.

Switzerland 2003 A posted advertisement in the window of a catch-all thrift store - something, "Oldtimerfahrt."

There were plenty of stores selling old things in Switzerland. Some sold oil paintings and artifacts. This store sold people's things - wooden tools, Swiss military uniforms, books in German. I bought a small gray/green canvas belt pouch.

Switzerland 2003 Jane stands before Zorg's Tower, a delicious combination of wooden/plaster structure nestled into an old stone wall. Available for parties! Jane says she wants to have her 33rd birthday there.
Switzerland 2003 Switzerland had many small shops selling implements of pagan idolatry.
Switzerland 2003 For 90$ a night at the Hotel Emmenthal, you could have this view from your Ikea-furnished bedroom.

We found very few queen/king sized beds in Switzerland. Two people, one room? Twin beds. Maybe we didn't know how to ask.

Switzerland 2003 After a few days attending a conference, we were free to choose our own eating. It had been cheese for three meals a day - small buffets or room service, delicious salty sour smelly lovely cheese. But now that we were on our own, we were free to up our cheese consumption - this first solo dinner we had delicious Raclette and Fondue.
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