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palacios, on the western end of la mosquitia, is the landing strip and eco-lodging headquarters of this underdeveloped territory.

near palacios, is batalla, a garifuna village.

at first i caught a hostile air, guys with guns in boats near palacios, and strangers not too willing to talk. but once i discovered the village dancing, and shook my hips along with some "punta," there was no fear.

near batalla is pueblo nuevo. there, i ran into some kids in an unconstructed church, scrawny limbs drumming and dancing up a storm.

i started shuffling around a bit, kicked off my birkenstocks, did some funky chicken and manic twitching,
one girl took it upon herself to teach me the local steps, while a boy no more than seven banged furiously on a large drum.

i fronted my stuff for the good part of an afternoon. yeah!


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