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sort of a second cousin of the rio platano biosphere, ten minutes walk from raista and butterfly farm.

the mopawi office is a center of gravity

carlos molinero is based here
he's kind of a jefe in the region

it was in belen that i met an older woman
kindly, in pig tails
Mendilia Massak Leiva, Viuda de Allen
whom i photographed and talked to and asked her to write her name
because it sounded eerily like
delia allyn.


one sunday, i actually played basketball,
i was on the girls team, against the boys
i played without shoes, like most of them,
until i spied the broken glass

i gave up on ball handling and played outrageous D
in their face total energy output chasing every ball hustle
they laughed at me
it was fucking great
i haven't played basketball in many many years.

then vollyball

every sunday is sports sunday

i didn't always make the best plays

but i played,
and i didn't speak miskito
i could tell when they were making fun of me
and i made some jokes
the progress of the game, but especially the arguements over rules
outrageous, puffery, machismo
hilarious and fun and followable

hell yeah,
i wanna buy a vollyball net.

or maybe i just like miskitoball.

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