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how do you make a web page about a race?

somewhere between Pirates, Pech, Moravians, Contras, Technocrats, Ecotourists, Refugees and Campesinos -

a race primarily born of coastal/carribean negro and indigenous people, there are now miskitos named chow, schmidt, robinson, even murphy, except there's no "f" sound in their language, so it's murpi.

the miskito people are an assimilating people - they marry any other, and make the children miskito

it's a good strategy, they're thriving and increasing population as the remaining pure pech and sumu are continuing to dwindle.

in mocoron, i met a kid named george bush.

they're not exactly pure or untouched - their word for bien, good is - "pine." their word for pants, pantalones, "traus." their word for beans and rice, for arroz y frijoles - "beansnrice." for gringos, or americans - "miriki."

this illustrates their english heritage -

of all the recent racial forays into miskito country, the british pirates of the 17th century met with the most success. the spaniards were trying to colonize and take land away; the british offered the natives muskets and western goods to fight off the latinos. many miskitos still prefer english speakers to spanish.

their name, miskitos, is derived from their use of british muskets,
not from the winged bloodsuckers common in the region.

my mission to honduras was to study development - how are these people choosing to change? how are people changing them?

answers to these and other questions: check.

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