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most tourists who come to honduras go straight to the bay islands. located off the north coast of the country, they are carribean style landmasses offering fantastic scuba diving.

i liked utila a lot. it was very homey, for an island overwhelmingly populated by tourists and transplants.

recommended: johnnie's bakery, on the main street. try the johnnie cakes.

also, at the college up the road, there's a library where i talked them into letting me borrow some pretty good stuff.

there are dive shops galore, i found the utila dive center to be mine - it was relaxed, everybody hung out afterwards at the sunbreaker or sundowner or somesuch bar in the evenings. cheaper boats than some dive shops, but it was a bonding experience. they had a good attitude there. very friendly. to me at least.

they will try to sell you a package deal with the mango inn, the newest hotel on the island. i stayed at the blueberry hill, with norma and will, because i liked the song, and proprietor's names on the sign. it was the cheapest place around. a little over two bucks for my own room with a large bed. i saw some mighty might large cockroaches there, but they didn't bother me too much.

next door to the blueberry hill is the only place on the island to check your email. they have some macs that work sometimes; it'll cost ya'.

i ate the beans and onions in thick tortillas out in the square and nothing bad happened.

i bought a local a drink or two and he thought i was going to buy him dinner and we got kicked out of a restaurant together.

not a bad lifestyle. amazing how many people make it a permanent one. many european dive instructors. all with blond hair and sores on their legs. they all smoke. great physiques.

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