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DemonBox residents, May 2001

index.html David Sandström
26 years
Designed a short, small door for his room - no taller than my nipples. Wallpaper based on decorations in an ancient nunnery. Red satin sheets on the bed dominate the room; beside the bed glimpse guitars and vinyl.
Singer Songwriter, recently released an album "Om det inte händer nåt innan imorgon så kommer jag" ("If nothing happens before tomorrow I'll come," from a novel about rural life in the North of Sweden, part of a dialog between a farmer and death. The title and the album are based on the political overtones of the suicide of David's Grandfather.)

For his album, David cut off his beard and put on a knit cap to pose for good looking young man photos. Since then he's regrown his wooly Swedish bardic look, and it better suits his kind of rusty vital music. index.html
index.html index.html

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