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WhAt i Did oVeR Crismus Vaaykayshun.

swarthmore christmas vacation - surely san francisco.
after the family feasts, I was a floorless freeagent, working late nights at cyborganic, sleeping in my chair to keep from bein' caught freeloadin'.

I ended up an honourary Rheingold, one of four sharing a single mill valley bathroom. fortunately, my hours schedule was off time that they finished their morning routine before I started mine.

it was a good trade,

in exchange for staying up late enough to transcribe howard's sleep infused mutterings, he extended his invite for me to VIP attend the Wired Party and the ziff-davis yahoo love-in.

the first night, I tripped the wired fantastic.

thanks to howard's vip pass, I was in to the hoi polloi pre-party,
irony think the word for it was "star fucking." I felt like people were nice to me because I was famous enough.

either that or they were leaving me to face the obvious embarrassement of being the only uninvited twenty year old in a purple suit from the women's department of the chelsea salvation army.

maybe it was that nagging notion that they wouldn't have been so eager to hug me if they'd actually read my web page, or that they were somehow putting on a happy face for benefit of the party.

I knew I would see Chip, my old boss. He always likes to dig me. Before I went, I did some homework, reading his old Flux columns. I saw him immediately upon arrival, with his tight-lipped looking wife, when I mentioned 80 hours of making beds a week, he weakly acknowledged me and turned to check his coat.

later on, when I was standing with the suck guys, chip brought drinking smoking Dave Winer over to meet Carl and Joey.

we were in obvious circle, but chip oddly neglected my introduction. Dave turned to me himself and we had a lot to talk about. dave but the alcohol flowed freely, people put up their politeness, by the end of the night, I was slightly carousing with ziegel follies It was largely a dignified feeding frenzy. so many people in nice clothes complementing each other quickly, it drew the wired as cocaine metaphor together for me.

perhaps this is all projection. I'd never seen ohn barlow before. The irony of this populist attending such an elite function was not lost on Kevin Kelly

slightly more honest fel the ziff davis yahoo exchange, if only because the pretend level was lower. cooking for Two Stew

going to the the zdhoo party

new year

wer or wer

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