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third anniversary party

January 9, 1996

Howard got me in.

The VIP party was at Club 181, 181 Eddy street, in the heart of San Francisco's Tenderloin district. Not a pretty part of town, I guess a good place for folks who can afford to leave to have some fun.

I ran into Eric Hughes on the sidewalk, I remembered him from the first Wired anniversary party where we met. He told me very little about his latest venture Simple Access - not yet disclosable. Mike Godwin and Karen Coil soon joined us, and a fellow with an unlit cigarette looking for some change.

Nobody had any change for him (I'd just given mine away),
but I gave him some Cyborganic stickers.

Inside I found the hostess, Amy Critchett, hugs me tight, happy to have just quit work for Wired.

I was early, the darkened room not yet thick with schmooze, jazz not yet ignored, the enticing but blandish or dervs were just being passed around. It was a shame about the Shrimp Tempura, I was hoping to find dinner here.

I discussed Internet Payment schemes with John Gilmore, he suggested soliciting an optional donation from people, instead of passively advertising it, sort of stick your hand out there - gimme money if you can/care to, you'll see my content either way.

Hard to carry on a conversation though - just when I think I've cornered a sharp mind, someone else catches wind and leans in with their shtick. The period of discovery and rediscovery - asking people what do you do? over and over again leaves one feeling quite distended.

Runnin' into old associates, Julie Petersen, back from her awakening, was bald! I felt kinship.

Caught between conversations, we stopped long enough to share a kodak moment, and exchange physical affirmations of affection. She was getting a drink, and I was talking to...

Bald Julie and Me
the suck guys. - probably the folks in the room closest to my personal publishin' with distinctive tude outlook.
Suck Styley I'd run into these guys before suck was netly news, at Will Kreth's going away party.

We were here reintroduced, fondly. In true suck fashion, I was at first considered Suck's possible patron saint, and then derided as being no longer read, cuz I have too many links til you get to the links. No immediate content, said Joey, like Flux and NetSurf are the most popular sections of HotWired, and people actually are taking their suggestion to make their home page, because it changes weekdaily.

I started some immediate content the next day.

Coool! Chip brought over Dave Winer to meet the suck guys. The three of us were standing semi-circle, facing Chip and Dave, Chip introduced the two suck guys and left me hangin' unfamiliar. Dave shook each of their hands and turned to me, I introduced myself, and he was pleased to meet me too.

I bump into Lisa Seamen and Nick Philip looking good together. His "fave site" is seriously weird.

Somehow I knew that I was going to find a place to sleep tonight, Lisa came through for me. What was it George Peppard used to say on the A-Team? I love it when a plan comes together.

Kevin Kelly's book Out of Control will soon be online en toto, sponsored by Absolute Vodka. An alcohol company sponsoring a booksite called Out of Control?

This was a party of the elite, we agreed, if an elite that's always changing.

To my hesistancy he responded,

"You are the elite Justin! Face it!"
but I don't claim to be because it distances me -
I want to make this world accessable for folks who ain't here yet.

Barlow Clowns My schmooze lust enticed, I sight John Perry Barlow. I think he's wearing an ascot.

I'd never met him before. He gives me a thumbs up on my web work.

He took to me pretty quick. Barlow Vision
Jane and I

Louis and his hand I thought Louis might hesistate in conversing with me - not in the slightest. In fact, when Jane requested it, he readily put his arm around my shoulder for a photograph.

Thanks to Zane Vella, (pictured below leaning on my shoulder opposite David Siegel), this sideways shot snapped.

m-ascot David Siegel (skip Marilyn) played the queen for coy Jane - you know you are dave, why won't you let it out? It was late, the guests were either shmoozed out or drunk or both - dangerous - time to urge everyone to a more noisy room, where we wouldn't have to be responsible for conversation.

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