Flowing text around pictures makes pages look more cool.

I have not yet tracked down my authoritative source on successful implementation of this stuff, what I have is based on fieldwork - viewing source.

Best I figger, text flow comes with the insertion of an align= tag in an <img src call, which tells the browser where to flow the text around the pic.

This is an exerpt from hollywould
talking with my friends for a little while, and noticing the growing pack of early twentysomethings accumulating at my side. I noticed one woman in particular, arrayed in a lycra-esque black cutoff top with faded jeans, dark hair and dark eyes, eyeing the empty spot next to me on the wall-length booth. "can i sit there?" reminded me, again, a familiar face, I had thought. agreeable at least. <img src="/pix/LilDood.gif" align=right> "sure, no problem." and I clear away my bulky courduroy coat. She sits down and introduces herself "hi I'm soleil." "Hello Soliel. I thought I recognized you. I watched your tv program. Nice to meet you. I'm justin." Immediately, we take off into conversation. she's involved in movies now - waiting for her number to come up. "good shit" she seizes on this, repeats it a few times, gesturing with her fist, finally turning towards her companions and soliciting agreement from one: "laura, good shit, right?" "yes, sure, good shit." "good shit." she talks really fast - flits. she's 22, a good age to go to bars at. she shows me her nails (for a movie she's in), by raking them up and down my arm. I ask her her birthday - august 8 - she's a leo. no shit. she's born at around 4 in the morning.

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