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Make it Preety!

Graphics are what have elevated the world wide web from funky physics toy to information super-prototype.

Putting graphics in your documents, called inlining images, is much like linking. You specify where the image lives, and the browser knows what to do with it when it finds it.

Courtesy for text-sufers demands the use of alt= tags:

This picture,
<img src="" alt="Small Dood, man.">
appears as a box containing "Small Dood, man." for those surfing without graphics.

To put your own pictures online, you need to scan them, or compose them on the computer. Then save them as .gifs and put them on a server somewhere online.

tiny howard One of the cool things you can do with .gifs online is make the background Transparent, objects isolated from their context floating in the window, like Howard over there.

Transparentized gifs take on whatever background colour is behind them, so you can use colourization to play around with them. I also fixed the text to flow around Howard as well.

Preety Links!

Want some buttons? Inlined images that link to other net.resources?

tain't hard, you just combine what you just learned:

text tags | link | graphix | flow | colourization | tables

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