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these are links I collected from 1994 to about 1995 or 1996. So if they actually work, well, woah!

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These are often folks close to my heart - harnessing the power of the web to perpetrate an alternative vision of society. Read on as I attempt to separate the wanna-be weenies from the skillful sociopaths.
and of course garrett county journal.
Their graphics, layout, and content is solid, check out beatthief. Postmodern is a cliche. These guys have thrown together random bits, music from Bikini Kill and Max Roach, flash chat sessions with author Kathy Acker, drugs litter a story of profiteering off Hugh Grant's tragedy. Even the sections are dirty - perjury, blackmail, shoplifting, plagarism. The stuff is raunchy, effective, try state of the union for online raunch culture and inventive layout.
I met Mr. BeatThief, he's definitely a strangeling.
Why is proto-fifties cartoonish suburban life so common amongst zines? Must be clashing with that bleeding edge sensibility. Zug is from some self-publishing oldtimers, but you'd never know it - they seem pretty hip. Even though they say they have day jobs at Ziff-Davis. They send good e-mail.
Fine feathered funky Birdhouse. A prowl will be rewarded: words, pictures, even dreams. Scot Hacker writes about jazz. A Candy Colored Clown They Call the Sandman rants genuine weirdness.
Hey hey hey! Make way for "your on-line cultural voice."! buzznet has all the badges, and quibbler/riddler bullshit links from it's slick front end. The trappings of cool - recycled proto-space look that we all think we remember from our parents' childhood. Are they hip? They seem too easy to read.
Somebody who claims to be "your on-line cultural voice" is probably trying to sell ads more than ideas.
Something genuinely strange, certainly not straightfoward - Jim Clarage's Click Me. Might actually make you think. Probably won't make you won't to buy ad space.
A nod for design: word, I've never read it, but that front page is damned impressive. If you've got NetScape, and a fast connection.

Devoted to "punk," technology and Do-It-Yourself Culchaaaah, Intrrr Nrrrd ezine features submissions from outside folk, in a range of categories, as well as software that rubs the curator. The graphics and the attitude all have a punk feel to them - black twisted suburban culture.

The godfather of zine coordination Fact Sheet Five is now webbed. Their comprehensive zine-by-zine listings and reviews are second to none, and promise to put you in touch with a subculture broader than you would suspect. Unfortunately the archives have been discontinued beyond Summer 1994, as of September 1995.

Georgetown University's Unofficial Unsponsored Underground Satire Magazine, the Georgetown Gonzo. I believe this was the first college humour magazine published online. I don't know that they've done much with it since.

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