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21 january, 1996
times of travel
like these
I never do enough writing

like remembering dinner
tonight hosted by george's nephew Jimmy

haughty and gregarious
ex of Glenn Close
married now to a Russian woman in a velvet pant number
unusually hip, for family.

10 plus greeks
families like stages of life
Ange, old guy, looks confused

but really isn't
Diane is pregnant
her husband Steve
knows the baby boy is due february 2, 3:10pm
is going to be the most devoted father ever
is going to do all the night feedings
change diapers
is worried about shielding his kids from the groin region of the electronic babysitter

Jeff works for Encyclopaedia Brittanica

at $150 a year, they have 2000 individual electronic subscribers
his wife, Joan, next to me,
finds the internet sprawling
found my explanations illuminating

on my other side
old bess, in her eighties
climbs 40 flights of stairs a day
we exchanged platitudes,
joy of living,
growing older

George, warm
remembering my last grace
asks me 15 seconds before I'm to say another
I like saying grace,
I wasn't nervous,
after I realized to let the love flow

we are so blessed

these people flash by like

san francisco friday
chicago saturday
swarthmore sunday

somehow I manage to have a good time

and work on my pages

like now, 4.54am
mom's supposed to wake me

in half and hour for my philly flight

I stayed up till three
dyeing my new long johns purple

(couldn't resist throwing in everything I was wearing too)
and looking through old shit

4am, waiting for my laundry to dry
plane leaves in two some hours

time to work on web pages!

like my brother's page
pondering judgement

mom sez since I don't talk about
old friends shoplifting
(we were arrested together)
I should reserve judgement
and career detriment
as a matter of infinite hope

anyways, I think I found
more interesting things to say from love

fuck critics
I love everybody.

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