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Justin's Family Page

My family is an intense group of folks. If they know you, and they decide something, they do not let up until you agree or until you are prepared to die for your disagreement. Always moving too, active folks. I have a great time being around them - great stories, lots of laughs, and expert teasing.

For starters, I am related to many lawyers.

Graduation '93

Can you see the relief in the faces of my family members? Justin actually graduated from high school!
1993 graduation family shot
Uncle Jim McClurg and his wife Lori, my brother Colin, my mother Joan, Me, my stepfather George, and Larry Gray

I started my family webbing with my father. Noticeably absent from the photo above, he had passed away long before my ascention from high school.

He had two daughters by another marriage, Lynn and Chris, who, with Peter, is the mother of two of my nephews, Gid and Eli, and my niece Cassidy.

Mcclurg My grandparents on my mother's side are Warren and Delia McClurg. Married since 1930, they anchor the Nebraska side of the family.

My sense of family has taken a recent greek turn with my mother's remarriage, now I have more siblings, in their forties: Stephanie (was married to john), John George, and George John, jr.. They're all lawyers.

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