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24 January, 1996
pig pen

yesterday pining over idealism
mariah said I was like pigpen

with a cloud over my head


thinking more pragmatically
I even considered advertising
to generate revenue
to finance my goals

speaking with April
she might make a home page
hosted by swarthmore

the problem with urging college publishing,
within four years, the work's gone.

so I want to have my own server
to willy-nilly host my friends
perhaps advertising would provide adequately

I realized:
my sex pages are far and away the most likely place
for the most likely advertisers
1-900-sex-hott phone lines
gentleman's clubs

so soon I'm back to moral qualms again.

considering my wonderful workload
trying to manage tassled loafers
would shortchange my education,
and shortcircuit my youth.

I'd rather have the support of my readers
it ain't been a month since I asked for donations
got to have faith.

today my stride picked up immeasurably
no more slack kneed
low hat brim

but purposeful strides

I feel fortunate to have goals
I can be patient in their realization.
I figure my
social history of consumption class
will be instructive
taught by one of, if not
the most web saavy prof at Swat,
Tim Burke

I am surrounded by benefit.

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