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23 January, 1996
disillusioned, drained
I didn't read from yesterday today

found myself dispensing radical chiq
to unwitting excoworkers
I took their bitchin' for an advice request
answering their relentless disenchantment

with motivational sarcasm
turned naieve skewerism
not all bad sentiments,
>I can't offer you a job or a check
>but I can offer you this:
>people believe in you
>people respond to your writing
>that is a gift beyond gifts
>if you believe in yourself
>in your gift
>there is nothing to stop you.
I just got higher and mightier from there

becoming too absurd for comment
thinking I had answers
just beliefs, perhaps I should have kept personal

Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 17:33:34 -0800
From: Julie Petersen <>

Buddah sat under the Bohdi tree and found enlightenment.
Then he moved away a little from the tree,
and then a little more.
And then he sat down and said to himself,
this can not be taught.

It is enough for you to believe in yourself
and in doing so show others that it is possible.
Their desire will lead them to the answer they seek.

My Love, JULIE
Julie Petersen | HotWired UK Editorial Development
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and later
Hopi Indians, I was told today, have two understandings of the word "fact" - one form of fact is everything that you have experienced for yourself and thus know in the pit of your belly to be true. the other form of fact is everything else, and in a way can never be trusted. Trying to tell someone something, is like trying to pass them the second form of "fact" and even if they know you're right, there will always be a certain amount of distrust from them.

Don't loose your idealism, but don't try to force it on anyone either.
Just BE and others will BE with you.
That's all we can hope for : )

My Love, Julie

I burnt my computer case with incense
and I broke my alarm clock,
the only source of music I gots
trippin' over the chord

as the great silence descends
I am again thankful for my life
and still curious what I'm supposed to do with it.

evangelism is tempting,

other people's problems are so easily solved
but today unweildy
motivation by personal example
takes more patience
and faith.

things ain't all bad,

somebody sent me $30 today
I must be doing something right.

I think need more work on my listening skills;
I'm still underslept

that must be it.

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