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7 February, 1996
a full day free
lingering the morning long
over cheese egg muffins
with Matt Reed
a real geek.

I run my swarthmore web vision

by him
something I never thought of:
people might not want to save their college web pages
or turn around in ten years
and find them embarrassing
not a thing to stop my plans,
but something to think about.

chatting scenarios
in spite of
targeted advertizing
omnipresent swipecards
a videocamera on every corner

I can't either fear or love "the future,"
aside from it's newness

it'll probably be worse than today

only better.
"action news"
a television station calls,
wants to film the photographer
shooting my class
for 24 hours in cyberspace.

class or circus?
"I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"
in the evening,
I powertripped hard
I hope somebody learned something.

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