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8 February, 1996
I'm on break between March 8 through 18
anybody got any travel suggestions?
I'd love to visit your town,

let me know.

class was great
even with the photographer
shooting mostly me
I moved around a bit
tried to get other people in focus.

we discussed individuals versus institutions

my thots by Cooper Richely
ethik notes by Mariah Peelle
rya transcribed our session

some hours later,
I endeavored to write for them
revisit forging culture
spencer suggested

I was falling alseep
chin in hand

I got the feelin'!

like forging culture
in my chest

I was thinkin' it through first
had to go back,
ask -

does each line
got a feelin'?

it started with encouragement
picture the loved in your mind
feel their gift, and give it back online
when you've got a mental picture
and obi wan's advice
makes me wince my face
and my fingers fly

links like life

the phoenix is interviewing me

about the CommDecAct
have you been keeping up with this?
normally 4 e-mails a day,
25 today

I wrote about communications decency act
glad to see half the net is black
it's like we're a community
we care
in our way


I met someone who daily ingests this

she liked wilson
found her voracious affection
fed by pictures, pages
posted on her english walls

her enthusiasm transferred
she reads this often
has a lot of respect for me

the worst thing she ever saw?

link to honey-muff, she had no idea
oh my god, she had to leave her desk.

(good thing I didn't link the black cum facials page.)

she had a lot of passion
gemini talking til she was stopped
one of those folks with their eyes open a little too wide

why do you read this?

it's amazing
because you're motivated
but I think after reading your pages,
I realized that all of our lives are that fascinating
you're just motivated.

write on sister.

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