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16 February, 1996
Frank Zappa
slept with women
sez he didn't do drugs

uncle meat.
he can be a bit mysogynist
but then so can I.

I've been sick since valentine's day
now just blowing into my snot rag
softer on my nose than kleenex
gets all green and crunchy
till I rinse it in the sink

trying to take care of myself


mostly avoiding cigarette smoke

I immediately sneeze

lured out of my stupor

by hot toddies
in the chambre of a world wizened aries
nice combative
we argued over guns
I found myself saying they were fun
because it made her act so righteous

one or two toddys
whiskey cinnamon sugar and lemon
and we are invited upstairs
graduates come bearing

hash from india
I may try to stay away from drugs
but opportunity is

when I do it once a month
I enjoy it

Ben and later Dom played guitar
various drummed
I danced and sung
my throat raw
when I couldn't make up good words
or thought my rhymes were too simple
I'd growl or moan it for effect
resonated in my chest
blood tingling in my face

I'd love to conduct a group
gospel choir chanted sermon
cuz I believe
in the spirit of man
and I believe it can be set free
oh god
it can be set free
I can feel it in me
oh lawd
I can feel it in me
she has crosscountry skis
hah - nine years later
I board them for a solo trip
man! that's hard work!
especially in this powder.

it's been snowin' all day
campus night hush homebound
except I arrive at the

"prochoice party"
condoms strewn about
manic dancing to hyper music
and steady rockin' faves

strange politics in public

women and wanting
having been
mergered and acquisitioned
I dance far best alone
though I can jabber my chest with the rest

tonight denise was rarin'
in a showed off retro sweater
her pushed up load
I hadn't talked to her much
tonight was obviated electric
so much so
I wonder if I'm an exception
or ruled.
transtense - deep and lots of it.
I shimmied and shook
sweated till my sick body
said no mo
and I left the flo
got on the skis and went ho

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