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Brian J T

We met at Kanbay, and he hired me on as his assistant at Boston Consulting Group. He was a tough boss, but only cuz he liked me, and wanted me to be on top of my shit.

brian sober Brian has had a fascinating life. He travelled around the world extensively as a youth, living for long stints in foreign countries. He never really did the higher education thing, he spent his time fucking around, that's how he got involved in computers.

He's a tough dude - you look in his crystal blue eyes and there's definitely a driven intensity there. He's conservative, into the NRA, and self-reliance - he quotes to me, "You remember what Jesus said, 'Pick up your bed and walk'."

He Quit BCG a few months ago, and moved out to Montana, or Wyoming. I think he belongs there. His temperment is far better suited to the great outdoors, and the fronteir, than the office/corporate culture of the big city. Don't get me wrong - he can wear a tie witht he best of 'em - but he has too little patience for beaurocracy.

armed He took me shooting, the summer I worked at BCG. It was a trip. I shot a glock, a 44 magnum rifle, shotguns, 357 magnum. I had a much better understanding of the gun scene having spent a day firing rounds. It's fun - I won't deny it. I'd love to do it again. It was difficult to sort out how I felt. While I had fun testing my marksmenship on the range, it felt weird to be in the car with Brian - who always had two guns within reach of the drivers seat. Loaded. He makes a point of being armed. In fact, his wife, Tricia, a Montessori school teacher enjoys arms as well. They are a good match.

Shooting was fun - the paranoia sucks. Maybe it's personal empowerment - like Perry Farrell says in "Packin' .25", "when no one's there to save you, why not be the hero, why not be your own?" I don't know that Brian has yet saved anyone from anything, but come time, he will ready. He is very good gun owner, emphasizing absolute safety and maintenance. If ever someone was zena bout guns, it would be he. Seamlessly integrated into his life, respected and thoughtful.

If only everyone treated guns with the same respect.

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