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14 February, 1996
I was assimilated into
Don Wilmott's web

a lot of my own words

breathless wonderment

I've had so-so

ziff-davis contact
but this guy's alright -
he finds pretty funny shit.
(he certainly let me rant)

I found
randomly loaded at ramona,
(logging into cyborganic):
Mother is far too clever to understand anything she does not like.
-- Arnold Bennett
woman remembering baldness
rap music

colin bro

then I talk to Colin
astonished that mom
expressed to him confidence
that she trusts my judgement
to drop out or not
he thinks I've mellowed her.

I love my ma.

roy weissman
arrived tonight

becky I was supposed to go out with becky

for her birthday
but I'd committed to this visitor earlier

what do you do again?
my immediate reaction to
sales and marketing for playboy cable tv
and their new technology stuff
is what an asshole
then I think
everyone has something to teach.

what am I to think of a suit
who sends me determined e-mail
comes to visit me with little provocation
takes me to dinner
and sleeps on my dorm room floor?

with no obvious get out
other than experience

don't get him wrong,

seeking challenge achievement
"take it to a new level"

specking the web

everybody wants to bring people together

a Leo,
he's a generous talker
a promise to himself:
never let his brain shut off
like the donut makers

lots of long stories
I find interruptable
and he's a generous listener as well
I pause his loquasion
and he's immediately silent


he sez a conscious

god bless you
each time I sneeze.

I found an old assignment sheet

from quantum physics class
handed him some coloured pencils
"draw something."
I just spent
an evening over sushi
in a business model mindset
now be creative
product is everything
his orientation for unition
of creative individuals

when I talk biz with him
he has to remind me
not to think so much about money

do what's good, what's you
and the money will follow

at times I find him

affirming platitudinous
but hard to diss
simply positive.

like telling frustrated workers
I know you can do it.

some ideas of his
some ideas of mine


and emerges a model to turn
this life story making
into opportunity

publish yo'self

rent a space
to celebrate your life
on the web!

we'll teach you how!

the idea of making money
by turning people on
is a little disconcerting
but then I think
of having resources

to teach
and host
and extend
power and potential to people

is there something wrong
with charging money for that?

give what you can
take what you will
share everything

balky told me the other day
he thinks I'm going to be rich someday
cuz I'm creative and motived

I told him I want to know a lot of weirdos
so I have folks to give my money to
if I do decide to
take the bull by the horns
consider a contract
blood-pen in hand

I know I'd be good.
what about roy?

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