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19 February, 1996
school sponsored
death penalty art exhibition
works executed by inmates
all for sale
to benefit mumia

my potential sympathy

kept at a distance with cynicism

two thirds
middle class white swarthmore women
nosh brie
listen raptly to death penalty poetry
brother can't be free
did you buy a postcard?
the state crushes us
did you finish the homework?

the state does put away

weirdos and the distasteful poetic
(mostly minorities,
not to mention bank robbers and murderists

reading prisoner profile pamphlet,
jailed for conspiracy to overthrow the state

some kill peace officers
some rob brinks trucks "to fund their cause"

I say
what did they expect?


panther empowered community organizers
go from empowering politics to cop killing shootouts
in a sentence
often following COINTELPRO harrassment
our tax dollars at work

when the gray spectrum gets darker and broader

why not go with the people?

after reading about folks like Peltier

why do we spend so much energy to put down people
with so much energy for change?

I'm rambling because our idealistic visions often coincide and I know great folk go to jail while their means may disillusion me but the FBI ain't any better and they never get busted

it's kind of a mess

I just know we don't need new jails
they don't make anyone happy.

let them make web pages!

What's important is that a broad range of people have access to the technology. If the world is split into those that are wired, and those that aren't, we will continue to walk the razor's edge of revolution and civil strife. If, on the other hand, we welcome the previously disenfranchised into the information age, and give them a voice along with ours, we can use this technology to unite the world - not in vying for market share, but with stories and art, celebrating the human experience.
it's a good thing I'm realistic.

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