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20 February, 1996
Patrick A. Trueman of the American Family Association: 202-544-0061
afa don't support the cda, doesn't go far enough
should cover anyone who aids and abbetts
big money online services
do they really think they can legislate against world capital?

valiant christians

I explain my situation
a moral agent beyond the letter of the law XTian web's best

you don't sound like a supporter of our cause
you know I've got an appointment to run to now
so I thank you for calling

can you advise me here?
you should talk to your lawyer.
can you help me find a moral path?
that's between you and god.
I could be arrested.
that's between you and the law.


ma mom arranged a spring break trip for me
george has a condo in florida
but late planning means
I'll be there with two moms

and two children
not quite the writer's retreat
I explained my disease with foldaway couching
sleeping in the TV room
hiding from the kids
to get work done
just to get it off my chest you know
I'm sure it'll work out
thanks for the trip ma
someone else calls her
a friend
needs some legal advice
you alright ma?
you sound sort of beleaguered.
I'm takin' care of a lot of people.

someone sends their dream

they've seen me in a buddha light
smiling blissfully glowing in front of assembled
speaking to the glorious future of the internet

tonight my date with allegra
swarthmore christian youth
I askt her to coffee to talk spiritual

praying is like putting your problems out loud
you figure them out yourself

I've got all this energy
I'm helping folks onto their own boats
someday I might have an island to invite them to

(hard to discuss the pedestal without being on it)

her christianity suggestion
rebutted with baggage

sorry there's too much behind it
I distrust anything organized
I hear myself -
so I would not read from
form a one on one relationship with
a wise teacher?

I tell allegra
the world is too small for one religion

(and one island?)
but it's just teaching
am I afraid to learn?
(I'm afraid of losing myself

howard right now I just don't have the time
she encourages me to make time
priorities, you know
I haven't even read howard's books yet!

and there I can have a dialogue with the living author


(recalling earth spiritual jennifer
recently baptized)
on the subject of cleaving flesh
what about sexual healing?
if you are involved
you can't pull anyone up to a higher place
pull up without it
when you're ready to stop having sex
to stop having sex will be easy
like it was easy to stop smoking pot
(does once a month count?)

allegra's found her life mate at 21

still "madly in love"
she sez I have too much ego/self
to find mine yet
maybe that's a good thing
to have energy
just don't hurt people
in your search

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