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18 February, 1996
graspt I've
that life
it's like

it's ah
neither here nor there

mike zadara said
my schitzo article was a bit pretentious
mostly poetic form in the phoenix
and saying, all the structures are breaking down
this is a new system
and I'm the best at it

wait, multivalent-
see I'm arguing with the ahh

tonight I received feedback from the community

I'm a cyberutopiate

a fascist

I just wanna have fun
oh gurus just want to have fun

Howard's Guru, Justin Hall

you know, that's what they call me
sometimes, some folks
I guess
it means

it's a good thing I'm balanced personality

(not like I'm in love or anything)
cuz each bit of writing article
I push for publish
self or print
is further fodder for the written off jealous
or the clammy critical

pedestal forming under foot


exposing myself to criticism

sometimes old rock musicians
start singing about being old rock musicians

she said I reminded her of Arlo Guthrie

hard to concentrate

I called this friend of mine tonight
considering web content whoopee
contemplating AOL
while I'm not as rightist as I used to be

that's some shit.
I'll never feel regret
I love college
with one foot in the world retreat
when I have no social life

I can wander

ramblin' on my mind
I don't stay
the autumn moon lights up my way

oh sometimes I grow so tired
I know there's just one thing I got to do

buy more gospel music.

did you know
more Americans die at 9am Monday morning
than at any other time?

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