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1 march, 1996
rya's going running with raina
so she has to cancel
our last night late made lunch plans
don't take it personally she says

becky accuses me of feelings detachment
but the only thing I could do

express my displeasure
would either way influence the outcome
rya would be made to feel my pain
and reconvene our lunch
or not
either way someone feels dissed
I should take it on

myself realize it's all for the better!
I got work to do!

three thirty am
it's still snowing
april julia and silent sara pisces
we went out for philly viet nam

food was okay
beef heavy - I avoided
(april ordered tripe!)
always fun with folks and food

home, drop off
(april took my naked woman painting!)
and linger
McEwan's oversweet dark beer
ali farka toure and Motown
chrismas tree lights and candles
julia and I and a joined jane
thigh high stocking sight
something had to happen

it did.

energy conservation
slow moving platonic conservation
fear of physicality forward friendship
will we still talk?
thrown to the wind
half then full nekkid, couched
quiet climaps
full spurt unchecked
tworship on fresh her
nipple toungue and fingerd some
kissing none
hard to mingle energy equally
but polymorphous triverse
she was said to look a renior model
I had my glasses off
pant removal upon request

what child is this?

she likes to fall asleep to the sound of typing.

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