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29 February, 1996
I took a
look at garrett county journal
today, it was funny.

I substituted at WSRN
I love making radio

afterwards I caught the tail end
was an oberlin student now
thai style forest retreated buddhist monk in california
I feel like I might retreat someday
he sez I should meditate a little every day
build momentum.

I hear Ben and Heather bickerin' a bit
why lovers become negative?
if I was to counsel, I'd advice time apart
always makes you appreciate the other.

speaking of which,
I'm supposed to be reading
Time and the Other
How Anthropology Makes its Object
by Johannes Fabian
smart, and double dense
for shamanism

Freedom instead of slow cranking the reading,
I'm imaging
(paid Rya to scan for me)
Chi and fixin' those fun handwriting titles
Howard has a graphics tablet
use a pen like a mouse,
draw directly into the computer

I stayed at his house for a week or two
most nights I was up four hours extra
using his tools.

I posted donations today

we're gettin' there!

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