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11 march, 1996
had to get out of the house
hell, celebrate finishin' my i ching paper

finally got up off my ass

(first time since turn down by cathie)
left this condo buildin'

and gorged myself florida-style

18 raw oysters
one half pound shrimp
basket onion rings

I spared the crab legs
to leave room for the popcorn

and butter
saw a hollywood movie
broken arrow
in one fell swoop supporting
news corp
the military industrial complex

at least they didn't kiss after they shut off the nuclear detonator.

I remember the last day leaving swarthmore
boy, everyone is going to florida
spring brake


mother nature ain't no tourist 'traction


last time I was here,
I wandered the late night beach
talking to the moon

now there is no beach
the dunes are half washed away by storm

standin' out there
like bein' in the midst of a bad mood
you either dive in or leave.

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