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12 march, 1996
on vacation in florida
sun haitus and sleet
never ending high tide
I've watched too much cnn and dinked around on this computer

on the national news,
two dog rescue stories in three days

Prentice Marshall,
a lawschool friend of my father's
now a federal court judge in the 7th circuit
we had a visit in the afternoon

he saw pulp fiction

the worst movie he'd ever seen
why would she pierce her clitoris?
did you catch that line?

we share a common hero in Clarence Darrow

(gotta make a page about him)
(- added 3/17)

discussing OJ and legal relativity,
most witnesses choose sides,
they open an interview with
what do you want me to say?

a few years back,
I was agitating for memories of my long dead father
Prentice contacted many of dad's old friends
solicited a booklet worth of letters, reminiscences.

a treasure, the outpouring of respect

and frustrating
cuz few of my questions were answered

maybe I just wanted more to hear more stories

I gave Pren a few of the things I've written of my father

"maybe you'll see those things I've haven't figured out about him yet."

now the weather has turned resortful
sparkling sun and shining waters
seventy degrees and light sea breezes
I'm supposed to leave tomorrow

I was thinking of postponing my departure
next for San Francisco
taking a day more here

but in San Francisco,
I can play on powerful computers

what is vacation?


from the march 10 Seidman's Online Insider
survey of household computer use:

only 35% of the households in the US have a personal computer.

what does he mean only?

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