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15 march, 1996
Howard big business meeting at howard's
(he's turning his web site into
a full fledged magazine
and more?)

all day in the garden

(hotwired reminiscent)
we'd planned to take this group up on the mountain
but we argued the afternoon away;

business and pleasure

how to engineer fun

(he's kinda looking for a metaphor too)

howard spent too much recent time
pitching the financials
sure, meeting with success
but today talking revenue to flakes
was disillusioning
we wanted vision.

I took notes most of the time
I'd publish them on the web
but I think they're confidential

(wait a year).

I also took pictures,
just a little sad I'm the only person
left out of meeting photo context.

Someone felt boned
by ventures unannounced
howard had to leave to tend friends
difficult for him to do business
with so much empathy.

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