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22 march, 1996
slept at my brother's
wet dream, sex with a female horse
very weird body positioning us
not at all unpleasant

I wonder what that's all about.

lunch with quinn of echo
he licked his lips a lot
talked smooth
that was less unnerving in person.

I came to talk to the boss
but spent my time closer to the ground.

everyone likes to talk about the future.

Sara and I talked about our past
she works for Simon and Schuster,
decided I might someday write a good book
she's putting energy in now that I might remember come when

I like riffing with her
talking to people is nice.

fortunately, she didn't prop me up uselessly

alluding to howard's proposed process

she gave me a copy of into the wild

Don Willmott recommended to me.
idealism put to the test
is my publishing a human net gain?
even book reviews and film reviews?

by this time last night's crazy spicy food was digested
I sat in simon and schuster and actually shat blood
I've never been in such anal pain

do the spices hurt just as much coming out?

I went out for sushi

alone at a nice place
they sat me in the back corner
I ate with good posture.

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